Thoughts on Stun Guns and TASERs

A Stun Gun making an electrical arc between it...

A Stun Gun making an electrical arc between its two electrodes (Photo credit: Wikiped

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2 comments on “Thoughts on Stun Guns and TASERs
  1. jenissi says:

    Whenever I read comments that refer to stun guns as noisemakers, worthless junk or toys, I’m reminded of what to me is an important consideration. People who want to carry guns, carry guns; they are not the market for stun guns, though they may consider pepper spray to be a good idea.

    People who do not want to carry a firearm either because it’s illegal where they are, they’re afraid of them or they don’t want someone’s death on their conscience, are not going to carry one, no matter how much their peers may say “just get a gun”. This is the market stun guns are aimed at. Without the stun gun, they would most likely carry nothing at all or maybe their keys between their fingers. I leave it to the individual to say whether they believe they will be more able to defend themselves with their bare hands or with a stun device.

    If nothing else, just having it is a huge boost to a person’s confidence and peace of mind as they go about their daily business. That alone has genuine value and I think has to be considered. There is a real effectiveness and quality difference between a good model and a cheapo five buck eBay special, so I would recommend if a person were interested, they should at least choose a quality brand.


    • gunsafetypro says:

      I would recommend a TASER over a stun gun just for the projectile/contact weapon capabilities.

      If you are going to carry a SABRE stun gun or a TASER then you need a quality holster that can be readily drawn from. The key term here is IFWA (In Fight Weapon Access).

      The manual of arms for deploying a stun gun defensively is very similar to that of deploying a knife defensively.


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