PROTIP: Do all handgun shooting and dry fire from concealment!

This one little thing can improve your defensive gun skills by an order of magnitude beyond what you learned from your $29.95 online carry permit course.

That one little thing is doing all of your live fire handgun shooting straight from concealment.

So how do you get started with safely drawing and firing from concealment?

  1. Familiarize yourself with your local range’s rules.
    1. Some shooting ranges do not allow cross-draw, purse carry, bag carry, or fanny pack carry, or ankle holsters.
      1. If you are dead set on any of these methods, then you are going to have to practice them from dry fire.
  2. Get a quality belt and a quality holster.
    1. Ditch the floppy nylon holsters.
      1. They are very difficult to reholster and are a negligent discharge waiting to happen.
    2. I personally prefer the Wilderness belt and the SharkTac Slimline AIWB holster for carry.
    3. Just about every handgun I own has a SharkTac holster for it.
  3. Don’t do empty chamber carry!
    1. Why add an extra step to your draw stroke?
    2. Complexity = Problems.
  4. Start off with dry fire first.
    1. Buy a SIRT Pistol or a Laser Cartridge for your particular gun (.380 Auto , 9mm, .40 Smith and Wesson, .45 ACP)
    2. SharkTac or other good holster makers can make you a holster for it.
    3. Buy the LaserLyte Target
  5. Keep doing your draw and fire from concealment to a point where your draw is smooth and quickly gets you on target to fire.
    1. If you are not fumbling with the gun as you draw, then you are doing it right!
  6. Build up confidence to a point where you KNOW you can draw from concealment and fire live shots on target.

Any of the equipment mentioned can be purchased in our Amazon Web Store.

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3 comments on “PROTIP: Do all handgun shooting and dry fire from concealment!
  1. […] PROTIP: Do all handgun shooting and dry fire from concealment! ( […]


  2. […] PROTIP: Do all handgun shooting and dry fire from concealment! […]


  3. Dave Beatty says:

    Have you seen the LASR system? It was created by one of my friends/trainers in Lincoln, NE…


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