Gun Prohibitionists Don’t Just Want Guns….

If the gun prohibitionists cannot get the draconian restrictions they want from the government, they will try to get them from private companies.

Rifle stocks and AR-15 bolt release levers are the new boogeymen now.

Of course they will want to outlaw knives, pepper spray, sticks, and martial arts that actually work as soon as they get guns outlawed (except for themselves of course! They think that they are more important than you and I…)


Headline from Huffington Post

See what I mean?

Amazon Asked Why It’s Still Selling Gun Accessories

Reuters  |  By Ross KerberPosted: 12/13/2013 4:57 pm EST

By Ross KerberBOSTON (Reuters) – Activist investors have asked Inc to review its sales of firearms accessories, concerned that the online retailer offers products that could be used to convert semi-automatic rifles into weapons that fire too rapidly to be legal.

The shareholder scrutiny of the world’s largest online retailer comes a day before the anniversary of the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, where a gunman killed 26 people. The incident led to extensive debate over U.S. gun-control laws and pressure on gunmakers and traditional retailers.

The activists include the managers of funds that promote themselves as socially responsible investors, and a deputy of New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, who manages the state’s retirement fund. They sent Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos a letter on November 25 and showed it to Reuters on Thursday.

The group of investors, which said it had not heard back from Amazon, asked for details like whether the company restricts sales of dangerous products and what percentage of revenue it generates from firearms accessories.

The activists said in the letter that they were not suggesting the company is violating U.S. laws. “Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned that these product offerings allow your customers to increase the lethality of their weapons and to effectively convert semi-automatic weapons into machine guns, which are illegal under U.S. law,” states the letter.

An Amazon representative said the company does not sell guns or ammunition and cited its policies in response to other questions. The company’s website notes that some jurisdictions might restrict the sale of some products. It also says it prohibits third parties from selling on Amazon “converters that can give a gun automatic capability” and “parts or accessories related to assault weapons.”

The activists’ letter was signed by Adam Kanzer, general counsel of Domini Social Investments of New York and sent on behalf of 33 other investors that collectively have more than $490 billion under management and include Amazon shareholders. They noted the case of Newtown where gunman Adam Lanza used weapons including an AR-15 type rifle, a popular weapon that can be converted to fire more rapidly.

The activists cited products offered for sale on such as a gun stock that “allows shooter to shoot as quickly as desired” and a lever for the AR-15 that “allows you to lock the bolt back and release the bolt with just a slight movement of your trigger finger which significantly improves the speed and efficiency of reloads,” according to both the site and the text of the letter.

Similar levers were also available on the online sites of other retailers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Cabela’s Inc. Cabela’s also sold a similar gun stock.

Kanzer said his firm did not contact either of the other retailers on the issue because Domini does not own their shares.

A Cabela’s spokesman declined to comment.

A Wal-Mart spokesman, Kory Lundberg, said the store avoids selling accessories that could be used to illegally modify a firearm. Among other restrictions, he said, it also does not sell handguns except at a few stores in Alaska, and does not sell guns online.

(Editing by Matthew Lewis)

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7 comments on “Gun Prohibitionists Don’t Just Want Guns….
  1. It’s always easier to replace an investor than a customer, Amazon needs to remember their bottom line and not pay attention to useless activists. With that said, Bezos is a bit of a liberal, he invited Obama to speak at the distribution center in Chattanooga.


  2. […] Source: Anti-gun investors harassing Amazon for selling gun accessories [continued] […]


  3. Tionico says:

    They noted the case of Newtown where gunman Adam Lanza used weapons including an AR-15 type rifle, a popular weapon that can be converted to fire more rapidly.

    from the claims of the “attorney” pressing Amazon. This is an outright LIE. The parts to convert a semiautoatic AR style rifle to full auto are NOT available to the public, as they ARE the “firearm”, as per US law. It is precisely that part that is controlled, numbered, regulated, and prohibited to the general public. Thus, selling that part is the same as selling the firearm itself, and Amazon do not allow firearms to be sold on their site. SO, this attorney is lying, and knows, or should know he is.

    Further, the “gun stock” has NOTHING to do with the rate of fire of any weapon, any more than changing the handle of a broom allows it to sweep a wider swath. Any shareholders who believe this clown ought to fire him. If he lies about these trivia, you trust him with your money?

    Too bad we can’t get a deeper look into what’s REALY driving this move. I’ll bet dollars to stale donut holes Soros or Bloomie is behind it.


  4. Founder says:

    People like these investors annoy the heck out of me. Any firearm can be an assault weapon, but those that belong to citizens of the USA legally, are 99.9999% DEFENSE weapons, especially ones like the AR-15’s.
    These guys just don’t know s*** from shine-ola about guns, and I bet have never even fired one, yet they profess to know how to convert an AR to full auto. Whatever. Friggin idiots with too much money for their own good…


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