Video: “Is the shotgun a submachine gun?”

NOTE:The video above is not mine.

I am inclined to disagree with a good chunk of the content since it is somewhat of an apples to oranges comparison the video narrator is making.

For the uninitiated, a submachine gun (“subgun” for short) can be defined as a fully automatic carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges. Semi-automatic only variants are readily available on the US market as pistol caliber carbines.

I would say that a high quality semiautomatic shotgun (like a Benelli M2 Tactical) can, depending on the circumstances, fill the CQB niche of the submachine gun (such as the MP5) simply by virtue of being able to put out a large volume of pistol caliber bullets in a very short amount of time.

Where does a semiautomatic shotgun loaded with buckshot differ from a sub machine gun or a pistol caliber carbine?

  • Reloads are much slower.
    • Magazine changes on a carbine are much faster than tube feeding a shotgun.
  • The overall shot capacity (number of times you can pull the trigger) is going to be lower than a submachine gun or pistol caliber carbine.
  • A shotgun is less precise than a submachine gun or pistol caliber carbine.
  • A shotgun is generally heavier than than a submachine gun or pistol caliber carbine.
  • A shotgun is generally longer than a submachine gun or pistol caliber carbine.
  • A shotgun is more difficult for smaller statured persons to use and practice with than a submachine gun or pistol caliber carbine.
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3 comments on “Video: “Is the shotgun a submachine gun?”
  1. bulletmen says:

    The narrator does not seem to understand the niche the SMG fills.
    A shotgun is a shotgun. It is a point weapon .Except at longer distances the shot pattern does not spread that much. By the time the shot pattern has spread to cover a large area the killing power of the projectile has decreased.
    A SMG can be used as a point weapon to fairly accurately put a pistol bullet into a given point or it can be used as an area weapon to contaminate a given area with lead.That is the MG part of the SMG.
    A “semi auto SMG” is not a SMG. It is a pistol caliber carbine that is useful for accurate fire at low recoil and noise levels.Most of the “semi auto SMGs” fire from a closed bolt and are easier to shoot accurately in single fire mode,especially for the novice. SMGs usually fire from an open bolt and it tkes a bit of practice to accurately fire one in single fire mode. Exceptions are the H&K series and the Reising.


  2. bulletmen says:

    Shotgun vs SMG. Each is good for something.
    The Pistol Caliber Carbine is nothing new.The only thing that changed was the cosmetic appearance.
    PCC for a novice or even a trained person are a good idea for a go to gun.Preferably in 45 ACP. The Marlin camp carbine was a good idea,kinda fell by the wayside.
    Biggest problem for civilian use of SMG is the bad press if you ever have to use it !


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