Selection of a Battle Rifle and Initial Configuration of a Battle Rifle

Before we begin with reducing the weight of a battle rifle, we need to define it. A Battle Rifle can be basically defined as a semi-automatic rifle chambered in a cartridge of .308 Winchester or bigger.

Battle Rifle Selection

I personally prefer either an SR-25, M110  or other AR  type battle rifle that uses Magpul .308 PMAGs or an HK-91/PTR-91 type rifle simply because of the parts and magazine availability in the United States.

It is my opinion that the FN-FAL and the M-14 rifles have really been superseded by the rise of AR platform rifles in .308 Winchester on the US firearms market.

There is still a niche for the PTR-91 and HK-91 rifles simply because the platform is not really ammo sensitive and the magazines are reliable and inexpensive.

HK-91, G3, or PTR-91 Rifles

English: HK41 Rifle.

English: HK41 Rifle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Decide on what the rifle’s mission or job requirements are.
    • What distance are you likely to use it at?
    • Under what circumstances may you need to deploy the gun?
    • About short barrel lengths on a .308
      • If you need something for very short range use, remember that the PDW barrel length significantly reduce the velocity and terminal performance of a .308 bullet.
  • Handguard
    • Do you need to mount any forward grips on the hand guard?
    • Do you need to mount any flashlights on the hand guard?
    • Here are the weights (measured in ounces) for the available hand guards and stocks for the PTR-91
      • From
      • Butt Stocks (all w/backplate & recoil rod/spring and standard buffer – where applicable):
        46.5 – SR9 thumbhole (Rare)
        33.9 – HK new retractable convex (Sliding Stock)
        33.2 – Choate folder (I’ve had a good experience with this stock)
        26.4 – Tapco T6 4-pos – US (I checked Tapco’s site and this one doesn’t seem to be available anymore)
        25.6 – ACE folder – US (ACE may have a somewhat extended waiting time)
        25.4 – HK light-green A2
        24.8 – FMP green A2
        24.2 – Wood stock
        22.9 – PTR black A2 stock – US
        just the backplate w/rod and spring is around 8.5
        just the standard buffer is about 4.1
        just the MSG90 buffer is 6.5Handguards:
        13.8 – HK wide new
        13.1 – HK wide old
        12.5 – Wide black vented
        12.3 – SR9
        10.7 – PTR Aluminum – US (Most common on PTR-91 rifles)
        7.1 – HK slim w/heat shield (Easily found on
        5.9 – HK wood
        4.5 – PTR slim w/o heat shield – US

SR-25/AR-10 Pattern Rifles



There are primarily two magazines styles for the .308 rifles, the original Armalite-Fairchild magazines used in the original AR-10s, then picked up by the KAC SR-25 (henceforth called the SR-25 Type) and the Modern Armalite AR-10 type which is a modified M-14 magazine. It should be pointed out RRA (and formerly Bushmaster) make rifles that use FAL magazines, and CMMG has a lower which uses G3 magazines.

  • Armalite AR-10 type (used by Armalite, Noveske, Eagle Arms, Georgia Precision; capacities: 5, 10, 20, 25)
  • SR-25 Type

(used by DPMS, KAC, LaRue, POF, LWRC, JP Rifles, 1950s Armalites, Remington, Fulton-Armory; capacities: 4, 10, 19, 20)

  • FAL Magzines (Metric or Inch pattern; used by Bushmaster, RRA; capacities: 5, 10, 20, 30)
  • G3 Magazines (CMMG .308 Lower)
  • One thing to also remember about .308 ARs is that there is not yet a specification that they all generally adhere to.
  • Configure separate upper receivers for long distance use and CQB use.
    • Long distance use uppers are going to be heavier because of the longer barrel that may also be a bull barrel.
    • Short distance use uppers should be as lightweight as possible.


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