Colo. Springs teen mistaken for burglar, shot and killed by stepfather


  • Set up a camera system in the basement pointed towards the points of entry
  • Don’t play “hunt the burglar” unless you have to.
    • It is much easier to hunker down in a safe room.
  • Keep a high powered flashlight at the ready.


colorado teen shot

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A teenager was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being accidentally shot by her stepfather Monday morning, Colorado Springs Police confirmed. Later in the morning, it was confirmed the teen had died of her injuries.

According to a Colorado Springs Police spokesperson, the shooting was reported in a residential area of northeastern Colorado Springs around 6 a.m. on Monday.

Emergency scanner traffic indicated the shooting may have occurred during a home invasion, but later in the morning officers said the shooting was more likely accidental.

Though they did not speak specifically about the nature of her injuries, police confirmed the shooting victim, an unidentified 14-year-old girl, was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that were life-threatening, and eventually passed away.

No arrests had been made as of Monday morning, with police indicating that all of the involved parties in the shooting had been identified and contacted, and that there was “no reason to believe that there is any danger to the community.” Police also did not provide any specifics about why the stepfather had mistaken the girl for an intruder.

The case was expected to be turned over to the district attorney’s office after police finished their investigation. At that point in time, a decision will be made about what charges, if any, will be filed against the teen’s stepfather.

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4 comments on “Colo. Springs teen mistaken for burglar, shot and killed by stepfather
  1. 3boxesofbs says:

    Set up a camera system in the basement pointed towards the points of entry

    Easier said then afforded – My house has 33 different windows, 3 doors. — not only that but any camera focused on the point of entry would be of limited value if the resident deliberately changed it (the daughter sneaking back in) or was already past it by the time the alarm or noise roused anyone to investigate.

    Doesn’t it make sense to wait for the facts before discussing ways to prevent this from happening again? We have no idea what really happened there.


    • gunsafetypro says:

      We are talking about a smaller scale house. Ground and basement level windows are the priority. Camera system is meant for tactical intelligence, deterrence, and loss mitigation.


      • 3boxesofbs says:

        And where does your comments say anything about a smaller scale house ? And how does that relate to the size of the house in which the shooting took place?

        What I’m trying to point out is don’t fall into the trap the antis make of rushing to judgment — the father could have done everything right or everything wrong.
        We don’t know.

        Waiting for the information to come out – like was there an alarm/camera system, was the step -daughter confrontational or trying to avoid detection instead of fessing up — always us to better analyze what happened.

        And for reference, my house typical of my area in size and construction is 1-story. Making a statement like ‘set up a camera’ system isn’t a one size fits all proposition.


      • gunsafetypro says:

        I will gladly follow up on this story if/when there is more information that comes out.

        What I intended to do with this article is counter the “kill a loved one” trope that the gun prohibitionists like to use.

        You need to be able to respond quickly to such stories so that the narrative that the gun prohibitionists want to push can be blunted.

        As for IP based camera systems, they are a relatively inexpensive enhancement for home security, that depending on the layout of the house, can be used for tactical intelligence or in the case of an apartment, simple loss mitigation.

        The core benefits from such a system stay the same, the method and scale of deployment may vary.


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