The easiest way to speed up your laptop is…

Add RAM chips!

  1. Find out the make (brand) and model number of your laptop.
    • Look around the keyboard and on the bottom of the laptop, you should see the make and model number of the laptop.
  2. Go to and enter your laptop’s make and model number.
  3. Notate the recommended upgrade.
  4. Buy the chips and perform the installation.

Some things to watch out for…

  • Be aware of the modules your laptop needs and the maximum amount of RAM that the motherboard can support.
  • Most laptops purchased new in the last 3 years tend to max out at 8 Gigabytes of RAM.
  • Most laptops purchased new in the last 3 years use RAM modules PC3-10600 or PC3-12800.
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3 comments on “The easiest way to speed up your laptop is…
  1. Cheaper option? Consider dumping Microsoft products and turn to one of the open source operating systems and office clones i.e. Ubuntu.


    • gunsafetypro says:

      It depends on the end user. Puppy Linux is awesome for turning an old machine into a terminal.


      • True, but the bloatware sold by some of the “big boys” is terribly memory hungry yet woefully poor.
        As for puppy? No, I never did like that.

        Being of dinosaur age, I come from pre Windows days when 640kb was considered HUGE and a floppy drive magical but software was written to suit.

        Some modern PC’s built can’t even start using basic software. That’s laziness on the manufacturer side using Usoft to plug the gaps they leave i.e. drivers.

        Yet I use open source and old DOS programs as they work at light speed on modern systems compared to some more modern junk sold as “productivity tools”.

        Besides, if all else fails, I’ve still got my mil card, ballistic cards, and note books. Batteries not needed.
        p.s. Slide rule still works too.


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