Rule 3: Always Keep the Gun Unloaded Until Ready to Use

This is what happens when you store the gun loaded when it is not ready to use.

For the context of a hunting trip, the hunting gun must be unloaded until you hit the field.


Steven Fromholz, Poet Laureate of Texas

Well-known Texas country singer and songwriter Steven Fromholz was killed Sunday when a gun discharged at the Flying B Ranch in Schleicher County.

Fromholz was shot and died in the hospital in Eldorado.

A gun fell out of a case, struck the ground and discharged, striking Fromholz, according to the Schleicher County Sheriff’s Office. He was on the ranch for a pig hunt, according to reports.

He was 68 years old.

For a full biography, click here.

Photo by George Brainard, Austin.

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2 comments on “Rule 3: Always Keep the Gun Unloaded Until Ready to Use
  1. Wielsucker says:

    Never have seen or credibly heard of a gun going off from a drop. Usually more to it when that story is given.


    • gunsafetypro says:

      It depends on the make and model of the gun.

      Many models of shotgun are not rated as “drop safe”.

      Shotguns are generally single action triggers that need a compensating safety switch or other safety when cocked.


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