This is what a gun control advocate believes about home invasions…

If you want to learn about the mindset to defend yourself and your loved ones, listen to Paul Howe and not some #UniteBlue clown. 

This is what a gun control advocate believes about home invasions...

An Actual Twitter Exchange

I can’t even make this up!

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9 comments on “This is what a gun control advocate believes about home invasions…
  1. Steve says:



  2. Mark says:

    I don’t need a fire extinguisher because THATS WHAT FIREFIGHTERS ARE FOR HHHEEERRRRPPPPPPPP


    • Hmm. Tell your homeowner’s insurance company that. They give discounts to people who have fire extinguishers in their homes for a reason — fast response stops bigger (& more costly) fires.
      I should get a medical insurance discount for having guns at home. It is a TON less likely that I’ll be shot in a home invasion cuz I am prepared for such a thing. What would be more likely, would be that I’d have to file a homeowner’s claim to have THEIR blood cleaned off my floors. Oh, I’d have my wife call 9-1-1 & all, like one should, but odds would be that they’d just need a coroner to haul off dead invader bodies….Oh, and that ‘after the fact’ report would need some attention. I bet you (Mark) either live, or would like to live, in NY? Or maybe CA? Somewhere there are a bunch of lily britches, LSD addicts, and free-lovers so out of it that they can’t produce a thoughtful, logical post.
      Friggin pansy assed moron.


  3. Hardnox says:

    You can’t fix stupid. The only thing the cops can do is write the “after incident” report while the coroner is loading their asses up in the meat wagon.


  4. Overheard from a cop: “After the smoke settles, you’re usually either helping us write up the report, or you’re assuming room temperature. Very few exceptions.”


  5. Basharr says:

    My dog did an excellent job of keeping me from being a victim of a home invasion, but even I know it only takes one bullet to stop a dog. For all else, knowledge and ownership of a firearm is ones best chance. I do point out a gun owner does not make a gun operator. Take trips to the range and be comfortable the possibility your skills may in fact mean your living or dying.


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