Course Review: “Knives for CCW” from Active Response Training

    • Teacher
      • Greg Ellifritz is currently a police officer with the Upper Arlington PD in Ohio.
        Greg Ellifritz

        He is even bigger in person!

        • Just for fun:
          • Ask him about the shoplifter who tried to pull a knife on him…
          • Ask him about the Ohio State Buckeyes! 🙂
      • He will be teaching again in the DC Metropolitan Area again on March 15th and March 16th of this year.
        • The class on March 15th will be Ground Fighting ($150)
        • The class on March 16th will be emergency medicine ($150)
        • Sign up at
    • Venue and Hosting
      • John Murphy’s FPF Training did an excellent job coordinating the class.
        • Special thank you to Courtney for taking care of the on-site logistics
      • Zamora’s Boxing Gym in Culpeper, VA was an excellent venue for the course.
        • Very spacious and roomy and well padded.

    • Safety

      • Everyone checked each other for live blades and/or guns prior to starting training
        • Since the students were carrying a training fixed blade and a training folding knife, partnered up students checked each other’s blades prior to contact drills.
      • All live weapons were placed into a far corner of the gym’s boxing ring to ensure that nobody layed hands on a live weapon during training.
      • One of the best EDC Knives Out There


    • Greg discussed how training injuries involving live weapons are more likely to happen in certain time frames.
      • The morning right as class starts
        • Everyone comes to class wearing their concealed carry equipment
      • In the afternoon right after lunch
        • Everyone puts their concealed carry equipment back on to go to lunch
      • In the evening as class is wrapping up
        • People are tired, focus is limited, multiple administrative tasks pop up.
          • A well-known instructor had a shoot house mishap under these circumstances.
  • Things I Learned/Refined/Took Away
    • “The fixed blade knife is the rifle of the knife world.”
      • We carry folding knives because they are convenient, not because they are optimal in a fight.
    • The hardest thing about folding knives is deploying them while fending off an ambush assault.
    • Stealthy ways to hide a knife
    • “Wound Enhancement”
    • Glowing recommendation for SouthNarc’s Extreme Close Quarters Concepts Class
    • Deployment of the TDI LDK (“Last Ditch Knife”)
    • Deployment and Usage of the fixed blade TDI Law Enforcement Knife
      • I am very much “sold” on this knife.
        • It deploys quickly and smoothly under pressure.
        • It is a knife that folks who practice open carry should seriously consider.
    • Sometimes the sheath for a knife actually costs more to make than the knife itself.
    • Extensive Discussion of Less Lethal Weapon performance
    • It was awesome seeing a student at the class who I first met as a first-time customer (“n00b”) at NOVA Firearms when I was working in sales and training there.
      • I was super stoked to see him expanding his tactical skill set far beyond the basic handgun course.
      • Seeing a student “going the extra mile” is something that every instructor lives for.
  • Conclusion
    • I highly recommend that you take Greg’s Knife Class.
      • This material is especially important if you are not able to carry a gun everywhere you go (*cough* DC work commuters! *cough*)
    • Sign up for one (or ALL) of Greg’s classes. Seriously.
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