Florida Movie theater shooting video played in court

If you are carrying, go out of your way to avoid a confrontation.

Little things only bother you if you let them bother you.

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7 comments on “Florida Movie theater shooting video played in court
  1. Excellent advice! Not excusing the shooter’s actions but, if the popcorn wasn’t thrown, the gun would likely not have been used.


  2. bulletmen says:

    Dark theater,unknown jerk grabs your popcorn and tosses it at you after words.Could be a prelude to attack ? Yes,the ex cop could have handled it better.A good lawyer should be able to get him off the hook. No sympathy at all for the texter who was killed.Too bad he leaves a widow and child. Life is tough. It is even tougher when you are an As*hole.


    • gunsafetypro says:

      A good lawyer can only do so much with what he has to work with.

      I wouldn’t refer to the deceased as an “unknown jerk” since he is somewhat already known. The popcorn grab was not so much an ambush as it was an escalation.


  3. patriot93610 says:

    Reblogged this on Chowchilla Patriot and commented:
    A popcorn to face does not warrant getting shot and killed.


  4. sirdanmur says:

    Interesting case. I think an impartial jury will be correct whichever way they decide. Very ambiguous and fluid. The Gun did not have to be pulled, but that’s hindsight, and “not needing” does not mean you not justified. See what the Jury says.

    Biggest takeaway, You (and your wife) need to keep your mouth shut until trial. That one comment could put him away.


  5. bulletmen says:

    The “unknown jerk” was not really known to the shooter. They were not known to each other until the incident.
    Sirdanmur is right. Keep your mouth shut ,let your lawyer do the talking.
    Throwing popcorn is not a capital offence. Being an obnoxious jerk that threatens another person and assaults them in a dark place(grabbing and throwing popcorn) was in this case !
    “Stupidity is the only universal capital crime.”
    From Robert Heinlien.

    Could have handled it differently. Might have asked the fellow to knock it off,reported it to the management then would have changed seats to a few rows back.Of course it is easy to Monday morning quarterback.


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