Article: Father Shoots Teen His Daughter Invited into Her Bedroom


Lot of home defense tactics failures here.

  • No flashlight in hand or on the gun for target identification
  • No safe room retreat strategy
  • No strategy to safely detain the unknown person
  • Family member working against the main home defender…
  • The father had no information as to whether or not his daughter knew the unknown person in the house.


Tiffany Craig / KHOU 11 News

Posted on March 13, 2014 at 6:22 AM

Updated today at 11:54 AM

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A Spring-area family believed a dad didn’t have to kill their son after catching him inside his daughter’s bedroom early Thursday morning.

“I would like my baby back, but I know that’s not possible,” said Zakia McCormick. “A call you know, I’m sorry. He didn’t deserve to die like that”

17-year old Johran McCormick was shot inside a Spring-area home on Bridgestone Lakes subdivision off FM 2920.

Harris County Precinct 4 Deputy Constables were the first to respond after someone called 911 around 2:30 a.m. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the shooting.

Investigators said the father accused in the shooting woke up to find McCormick in his 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

According to detectives, his 16-year-old daughter let McCormick in the house and snuck him into her bedroom.

Her younger brother went to say good night and saw two feet sticking out under the bed, detectives said. He then went to get his father.

The father walked in and asked questions, but his daughter claimed to not know McCormick. The father then called 911, but an argument ensued with the teenage boy.

The father told deputies that McCormick dropped his hands as if to grab something, so the man opened fire. The teen died at the scene.

No other injuries were reported, but the father was transported to the hospital to be checked out for medical reasons as he complained that he was not feeling well.

Constables said the man appeared to be on several medications. Neighbors of the family were torn on what the father did.

“As a mom, I just can’t imagine,” said Letica Field. “I know the dad was trying to protect the family, but he should have let the authorities handle it.”

The family recently moved to the house from a nearby neighborhood.

HCSO investigators said they will present their findings to the Harris County Grand Jury for its consideration.

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