“Dogs and Gun Safety”

The title of this article is the name of a search term that showed up in my stats tracking screen for the blog. Someone typed in the search query “Dogs and Gun Safety” and wound up here.

So here is my best effort to answer the query.

When it comes to dogs and gun safety, the biggest risks for the dog in relation to guns are choking hazards, poisoning hazards, and negligent discharges.

    • Obey all rules of safe firearms handling at all times.
    • Keep your dog from eating things it is not supposed to eat.
      • Earplugs, cartridges, and casings come to mind.
      • Some dogs are much worse than others about this…
    • Keep ammunition in the original carton or in an ammo box.
    • Keep your gun cleaning supplies and accessories in a cabinet or other location the dog can’t get to.
    • Designate an area in your house that is “dog-free” and also make it your gun cleaning room.
    • Wash your clothes after a range trip to minimize lead exposure
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One comment on ““Dogs and Gun Safety”
  1. Basharr says:

    Good tips for sure especially the lead exposure.


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