What’s wrong with this carry rig?

What's wrong with this carry rig?

There is more than one error in this holster set up. What are the errors?

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10 comments on “What’s wrong with this carry rig?
  1. Yeah, there are a few things going on here that are concerning. After the fact that this is open carry, the most glaring is the exposed trigger. Why? Remember, just because some company makes it does not mean it is a good idea. I’m not a revolver shooter, so I can’t address the speed loaders being way back there, maybe that works ok…. Seems like there would be a better way. The unsecured over-belt configuration certainly would not work out well if a confrontation became close up and hands on, especially if it went to the ground. I’d like to hear from the guys carrying wheel guns.

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  2. BattleBlue1 says:

    I’m not a wheel gun expert, but it appears as well that his reloads are on his dominant hand side, so he would have to switch hands to reload. I guess it depends on which reload method you do…

    And of course the exposed trigger. Probably the holster slips too, since there is space between the belt loops and the pouches to the rear. It also looks like the gun can slip out of the holster, since the hammer is stuck under the thumb clip and not forward of it.


    • Auric Gold says:

      Revolver reloads should be on his right side, as they are. Yes, you do switch the revolver to the left hand while reloading….. that is, if you want a strong easy reload.


  3. S Smiddy says:

    Sloppily umsecured trigger exposed rig. I’d carry inside the front of my jeans without a holster at all before I’d carry like this guy, and trust me, I wouldn’t do that either lol


  4. IceBreaker says:

    I have to go with the exposed trigger as well. Makes for an easy negligent discharge when holstering/unholstering.


  5. jseth13 says:

    as well as what everyone else has said, it also looks to me as though he would either A) have a difficult time drawing the gun, if the hammer being against the holster is the primary force holding the gun in place, it looks like he would have to wiggle it around and work it from the holster in order to draw it…not good if needing to draw quickly, which is usually the case. or b) if the hammer is not catching on the holster and thus holding the gun in, then it looks like much less than half of the gun is securely in the holster. in fact it looks to me as though the only thing securely in the holster is the barrel, and if thats the case, he probably has a hard time getting the gun to stay in the holster. it probably falls out when he sits down or is running and the gun is being bounced around. Id say depending on the hammer situation, it is one or the other. And like everyone else has said, the trigger. Could easily make for a negligent discharge and a bum could come behind him and pull his trigger without even taking it from the holster. plus if he puts his finger on trigger while drawing, i can see it being discharged then too.


  6. mrmac24 says:

    open trigger, tons of crap on strong side also… asking for hang up or self inflicted wound.


  7. John Rock says:

    That exposed trigger is definitely not the only holster-related problem here- that retention strap (the thing clipped closed on the hammer) isn’t going to do much retaining, anybody could just grab it and wriggle it right out the back of the holster… or shoot the guy in the leg in the process. However he practices reloading is fine so long as it works for him, so I won’t make any assumptions there, but that guy definitely needs a different holster.


  8. grumpycoconut says:

    Thumb snap over hammer – Well that’s the way that holster has been designed since before color TV. That is a fast holster to draw from and the hammer strap gives way without snagging just like in any other thumb snap holster.

    Lacking retention features – Yes. Yes it is. Not everyone prays at the alter of retention holsters just like not everyone wears seatbelts or helmets. Personal choice and freedom can be painful. Based on his gear choices, I’d guess that his idea of a proper retention holster would be a non-swivel clamshell. Youngsters might need to Google that.

    Exposed trigger – Not my style and it exposes the trigger to potential environmental trigger pulling stuff like tree branches and insane bums but it does not increase the risk of an unintended discharge on draw or reholstering. Both of those things are training issues. If you stick you finger on the trigger before you are on target, you are wrong no matter what kind of holster you use. In fact, that style of holster would be less prone to causing an unintended discharge on reholstering because the holster itself will not push the offending digit into the trigger because the holster will not touch the finger. If he is prone to premature finger sticking on the draw his chances of shooting straight down are much better than they would be if he had to lift his revolver higher to clear leather. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. A covered trigger design would be more likely to cause him to shoot the earth in front of him instead of beneath him. More innocent gun shot victims tend to be in front of the shooter then beneath him. Again, this is a training issue and not an equipment issue.

    Overbelt w/o keepers – Sloppy but that gut will do a good job of keeping the holster and belt from rising with the draw. A proper retention holster would be problematic with that belt rig but that ain’t a retention holster. It’s a give up the gun quickly holster.

    Speed loaders on strong side – If you reload your revolver like most proper handed people do, you pop the cylinder latch with your right thumb, push the cylinder open with your left fingers, grip through the open frame with your left hand. tip your barrel straight up and work the ejector rod with your left thumb or smack it with the palm of your open right hind. You then grab your speed loader with your right (most dexterous) hand and pop new rounds into the cylinder. Having your reloads closest to your right hand is the most logical way to carry them.

    If anything, this man’s most egregious sins are using old fashioned gear and mixing basket weave with smooth leather.

    For shame.


  9. Marc says:

    Unless this is something he made himself, that holster is clearly not made for that gun. It’s obvious he went to the table of $10 holsters at a gun show amd found one that kinda fit.

    The speedloader pouches are placed where they might interfere with the draw. Not like he has an option to carry them up front though.

    Also, that guy probably goes on and on about being a sheepdog and the right to self defense. Meanwhile the only thing likely to kill him is a massive coronary


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