Gun Control Group Posts Something Stupid.

Gun Control Group Posts Something Stupid.

“And in other news, water is wet.”

Apparently $50 million dollars can’t buy a decent graphics artist.

What garbage work.

I’ve seen better stuff out of MS Paintbrush in Windows 3.1.

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3 comments on “Gun Control Group Posts Something Stupid.
  1. John says:

    Yes, it is stupid and a display of ignorance. But who is the target audience ?
    The ignorant and foolish. Bloomburg’s $$ is going to fund all of this. Expect much more in the coming months.


  2. I’m probably part of the target audience.
    I don’t see anything necessarily stupid or ignorant in wanting to end gun violence, but this ad is laughably lame. Bloomburg needs to get his money back on this one.
    On the other hand, gun manufacturers and advocacy groups spending just as much as Bloomburg trying to explain that the way to end gun violence is to make sure people have a lot more guns actually makes less sense than “faster than a speeding bullet” does.
    There’s a big difference between responsible regulation of dangerous weapons and who is allowed to own them and trying to take them out of EVERYbody’s hands and homes.
    Too many people on both sides just don’t want to budge.
    But that ad up top there? It’s like the “My Mother the Car” of the anti-gun crusade, and being part of the chosen demographic for this crusade I find it insulting.


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