Ten Things You Need For Concealed Carry

Glock 19 Pistol,

Glock 19 Pistol, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Non-material things (training) will be covered in another article.

  1. Less Lethal Option
    • This gives you an alternate force option for a situation that may or may not escalate into a deadly force situation
    • It beats being unarmed.
    • Pepper Gas
      • Be sure to select a pepper gas that has a relatively long pocket clip so that it can be secured but accessed easily.
      • Guardian, MACE, SABRE, and Fox Labs are the most reputable brands
  2. Flashlight
    • Get a flashlight that has the following traits:
      • Lanyard loop and/or lanyard included
      • At least 100 lumens in brightness
      • Uses Regular Batteries (AA, AAA)
      • Durable
  3. Pocket Trauma Kit
    • Tourniquet
      • TK-4L
      • SOFT-T W
      • CAT
    • Pressure Bandage
    • Nitrile Gloves
    • QuickClot
    • Gorilla Tape or Duct Tape
  4. Knife
    • Fixed Blade or Folder?
      • Fixed Blade Knives
        • Fixed blade knives can be extremely fast to deploy
        • The TDI Law Enforcement Knife is an excellent and Economical Fixed Blade Knife package that can be very useful for weapon retention (especially if you open carry by choice or by job)
        • A fixed blade knife may not always be legal to carry depending on where you are.
      • Folding Knives
        • Folding knives are much slower to get into the fight
        • Be sure the lock is stronger than a standard liner lock.
          •  Liner locks have a bad tendency to fail when subjected to certain motions that stress the lock.
          • The CRKT LAWKS system mitigates a primary weakness of a liner lock.
        • The CRKT Crawford-Kasper is one of my all-time favorite folding knives
        • One “hack” to turn your favorite folding knife into a fixed blade knife is to have a custom kydex sheath made to carry your folding knife in its locked open state.
  5.  Handgun
    • It boils down to personal preference, but get something that you like practicing with and doesn’t have to be sent back to the factory regularly for a warranty fix.
  6. Ammunition
    • Corbon DPX or Federal Premium HST are good choices of defensive carry ammunition.
  7.  Magazines/SpeedLoaders
    • If you carry a carry a gun, then I strongly recommend having at least one reload at the ready.
    • Speedloaders or speed strips for a revolver are very easy to stow in your pockets to save on space.
  8. Belt
    • The gun belt needs to be rigid and specifically designed as a gun belt.
    • The nylon Wilderness belts work great.
  9. Holster
    • No floppy nylon holsters!
    • SharkTac’s Slimline AIWB works great for me
    • I personally prefer Kydex over leather just because there is no break-in period but if you can smoothly and efficiently draw from concealment with a leather holster, then go for it.
  10. Magazine Pouch
    • Blade Tech makes excellent quality pouches that are affordable
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3 comments on “Ten Things You Need For Concealed Carry
  1. IceBreaker says:

    Reblogged this on IceBreaker and commented:
    I don’t carry a trauma kit or a flashlight (I have both in my house)… but this is an excellent capture of what one needs to be thinking about when they are armed. I really like the “less lethal” option as #1, most people who carry a weapon don’t have a way to escalate force, they only give themselves an option to get hurt or shoot the offender. This is great and well thought-out


  2. uscca says:

    Less lethal options are great–but if you are going to carry concealed you must be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to draw and fire your weapon at another human being. If you can’t do that, stick with the less lethal options. No matter what your weapon of choice, training is essential.


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