Six Things You Should Know Before Carrying a Gun

So you took a basic gun safety class or one of those hokey $19.95 online “Get Your Permit in 30 minutes or less!” courses, now what else do you need to know besides the NRA 3 Rules of Gun Safety or Jeff Cooper’s 4 Rules of Gun Safety?

  1. Know How to Spot Trouble Before it Happens
  2. Know Your Local Self-Defense Laws
  3. Know How to Draw Your Gun Efficiently From Concealment While under Stress
  4. Know How to Deploy a Less Lethal Weapon Efficiently
  5. Know some Unarmed Combatives
  6. Know some Basic Tactical Medicine
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11 comments on “Six Things You Should Know Before Carrying a Gun
  1. oogenhand says:

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  2. trutinel says:

    These all make complete sense! Thanks for the tips! I especially liked number 4 because it is important to understand that not every problem is solved with a gun. (although some problems have to be)


  3. Thanks for the follow and you are doing human kind a huge servce with your blog. Thank you 🙂


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    • Michael says:

      Or, don’t live in a state that controls your right to carry by requiring CC permits, restricts your ability to carry in any manner, or as you so please, thus preventing those who are financially limited from carrying a defensive lethal weapon at all.
      “When seconds count, the police are minutes away”
      For those who can afford all the bells and whistles, then by all means, purchase the most expensive and best rated defensive holster, and update to the latest new “best” as they hit the market. Enroll in as many defensive classes as you can, both physical and firearm defensive classes, buy and read as many books as you have time and $ for, and that have been written by the know experts in this field. I’m not saying that mine and the lives of my loved one’s aren’t worth the investment, but by no means should it be required by law that anyone should have to take classes and acquire permits in order to have the right, THE RIGHT to carry a lethal weapon for SELF DEFENSE, CC, or OC.

      So the six things that I must know, is that all 6 cylinders are loaded. I just love living in the free state of Arizona.


  5. Tanner says:

    Let’s replace #1 with “Know and practice the 4 Laws of Gun Safety”, and #2 with “Know how to hit what you’re aiming at.” The rest of the list can follow…


  6. S Smiddy says:

    Just read the post and all responses. Very goodt post!!!!! As far as money and reading/training go, well, I personally can only suggest educational youtube videos, and if you are reading this, you have access to those.

    Accessories, holsters, etc. Well, truth is, whether it hurts or not, is that you tend to get what you pay for. A cheap ole holster could cause you to be unable to access that weapon you could afford to defend yourself, rendering the point moot.

    For those who are interested, crossbreed makes the doggone best belts, holsters, & mag carriers on the market IMO, and for what you get, they’re fairly priced. I’m carrying now and don’t even feel it….

    Personally do NOT believe in SHALL ISSUE permits. Sensible training NEEDS to be required people… being sure, as someone else posted, that you can hit what you are aiming at, and further, you know what is on the other side of that, and 360 degrees around you if you have a pistol in your hand!

    One bit of advice….IF in a situation and you have fired, when do you reholster? Can you? The advice is, after incident is over, area is clear, you’ve called 911, you keep your gun in your hand until the cops roll up, then put it on the ground. Say as little as possible. Point out evidence upon request. Invoke your right to remain silent until you’ve spoken to an attorney. Do NOT tell the 911 operator everything, just that you were forced to defend yourself with lethal force and they need to send a squad car and ambulance. Don’t yap your mouth and take your butt to jail.

    Reckon that’s about all I have to say.

    I totally LOVE the original post!!!! Great One!!!!!! :))))))))


  7. Pete says:

    I could not find a direct email address so I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by ‘Pete’s Alaska’ blog. There are a couple postings and videos dealing with hunting of bears and many mentions of firearm safety throughout the postings you may find interesting.


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