Four Preliminary Lessons from the UCSB Killings

Some observations in the wake of Elliot Rodger’s attack in Isla Vista, California.

  1. Don’t ignore warning signs!
    • Initial reports state that police had interviewed Elliot Rodger about his YouTube videos prior to the attack.
    • I am curious if his now deceased housemates had ever contacted the police or Elliot Rodger’s parents.
    • Elliot Rodger’s father is filmmaker Peter Rodger.
      • Hypothetically speaking with limited information:
        • It could be presumed that Peter Rodger most likely had an extremely busy schedule over the course of Elliot Rodger’s life and some are likely to make the assumption that Peter Rodger may have taken the “throw the money at the problem” approach to Elliot Rodger’s growing social problems. 
  2. Be mentally and physically fit to fight!
    • Question: “Did Elliot Rodger kill his three housemates at once or one by one as they arrived at the house?”
  3. Knife Defense
    • Be able to improvise and dominate against a knife armed opponent.
  4. Be armed
    • Predators want easy prey. Don’t be easy prey.
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