Shooting Through Doors and Walls | Active Response Training

PROTIP: Shooting through walls and doors is generally stupid and unsafe.

Shooting Through Doors and Walls | Active Response Training.

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2 comments on “Shooting Through Doors and Walls | Active Response Training
  1. This is one of those “agree but disagree” opinions. There are some things you can look at and say “This is always bad, there is no reason to do it.” Like carrying without any sort of holster. Then there things that you can observe and say “albeit rare, there is a valid use for this technique” Shooting through “false cover” is one of those techniques. Failing to identify the threat prior to shooting is wrong, shooting a known threat in a known location trough a soft object is totally viable. As far as “losing your hearing” due to shooting and thus losing track of the bad guy… Well that statement ignores the auditory exclusion that typically accompanies this sort of critical incident. I think the worst outcome of this kind of thinking would be if someone is being engaged by an opponent who is using a door or wall for (false) cover, and they don’t return fire because they haven’t been taught not to shoot through walls and doors. It’s always good to debunk Hollywood gun myth, but don’t discard useful technique because it is applied improperly.

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