Quick Lessons from the Bowe Bergdahl Case

  • PROTIP: Walking off base by yourself in the middle of a war zone in the most dangerous part of said war zone is a really bad idea.
    • Bowe Bergdahl is either really stupid or could have been a defector to the jihadists.
      • This sort of thing happened in Chechnya a lot more than you would expect.
        • The Russian Army at the time did not have the best reputation for treating its own soldiers very well.
    • I am honestly surprised that Bowe Bergdahl survived his captivity.
      • It could reflect a shift in tactics, since Bowe Bergdahl was apparently worth more in trade and propaganda value to the Taliban than a single beheading video posted on YouTube.
  • Don’t be a drug addict.
  • Know before you go.Don’t leave and enter your hotel at the same times every day. Vary up your schedule.
    • If you are traveling overseas, do your research on the location before you go there.
  • Pay Attention to Local Media!
    • Be wary of anti-American rhetoric over the local radio in a third world country.
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