Quick thoughts on the Seattle Pacific University Shooting Attack

  • Kudos to the student guard at Seattle Pacific University who stopped the attacker with pepper spray and combatives while he was reloading.
    • Most universities have overly broad weapons policies that do not clarify whether or not students are allowed to carry pepper spray
  • Using Pepper Spray Offensively
    • Sometimes we have to make do with what we have
    • Liquid pepper spray has a lower risk of “blowback” compared to fog and foam.
    • If you are going to spray and close the distance, follow up with a backup contact weapon such as a small fixed blade knife or gang up with additional people against the assailant.
    • Facing off against multiple assailants is a huge challenge
      • 5 American men can weigh almost half a ton…
        • Obesity crisis discussion aside, that’s a lot of on top of someone…
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One comment on “Quick thoughts on the Seattle Pacific University Shooting Attack
  1. John says:

    Good thing they did not take the “expert” advice and ” wait for the police to arrive because you might get hurt ” BS…………….


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