Six Ways to Maximize the Yugo M92 PAP AK47 Pistol

Stock M92 PAP Pistol

Stock M92 PAP Pistol

Here are six ways you can turn the Century Arms M92 PAP pistol into something more than a range toy.

  1. Clean it!
  2. Get a Dremel Tool and do the following
  3. Install a Sling
  4. Install a muzzle brake
  5. Install an Ultimak Rail and a Red Dot Sight
    • The Aimpoint Micro and the Bushnell TRS-25 will cowitness.
    • Cowitness matters if your optic goes down.
    • I personally don’t care for the Midwest Industries mounts just because I find them to be more of a pain to install than the Ultimak.
      • There is also the issue of the Midwest Industries mounts coming loose at times, even with Loctite.
    • StormWerkz is another option as well.
  6. Buy an Armbrace
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2 comments on “Six Ways to Maximize the Yugo M92 PAP AK47 Pistol
  1. mrmikej says:

    I like your lay out on what had to be done for your PAP. Great information.

    Liked by 1 person

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