A Very Stupid (and Very Lucky) Prankster

This idiot is extremely lucky he did not get shot. It likely would have been ruled as self-defense.

Read Andrew Branca’s book to find out why.

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3 comments on “A Very Stupid (and Very Lucky) Prankster
  1. Night time, man dressed in dark clothes wearing a mask aims a gun at another person.
    This idiot posted video of himself committing assault with a deadly weapon !
    Fake gun makes no difference ! Hopefully charges are being pressed against this moron and he goes to the gray bar hotel for a stay !
    What state did this occur in ?


  2. Ignorance can be cured with information, but stupid can kill you. I’ve tossed these prank things around with other officers from multiple departments and we’re all amazed one of these idiots did not get put on a slab yet. The mask sort of indicates a prank, but if you go pointing guns at people, you’re going to pay the price eventually.


    • GSP says:

      Luck eventually runs out.

      The mask and lack of immediate shooting are marginal prank indicators but LEO or civilian “rules of engagement” (ROE) would indicate this idiot can be deemed an immediate deadly threat by way of his behavior and what he appears to be carrying and pointing at people.


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