Good News! You Might Get Your Cryptolocker Encrypted Files Back

Interesting development. I’m curious as to how many variants there were in the wild for this nasty piece of malware.

WatchGuard Security Center

You probably remember Cryptolocker; a very nasty piece of ransomware that successfully encrypted files on many computers, and made its authors millions in ransom.  If not, you can learn more about it here. Though it wasn’t horribly advanced, it did use industry standard public/private key encryption, making it almost impossible for good guys to actually crack the encryption and get your files back.

However, there’s some great news on that front!

This week, FireEye and Fox-IT published a site called If you share your email address, and one of your Cryptolocker infected files with this site, they will email you the private key and a tool that can decrypt all your Cryptolocker files. If you were one of the folks that didn’t have a good backup, you finally have an option to recover files other than just paying the criminals (never a good idea).

So how did FireEye and Fox-IT accomplish…

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