‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’ File: Texas Man Knocked Unconscious After Defending Group of Women From Catcallers

This is why you shouldn’t mouth off at people.

Nothing you say as a stranger to a random jerk is gonna make up for the accumulation of said random jerk’s years of bad parenting and bad choices.

pundit from another planet


For NBC Southern CaliforniaDavid Chang reports: A man who police say tried to defend a group of women from catcallers landed in the hospital after he was brutally assaulted in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square early Saturday morning.

“This is a tragic, tragic story,” Captain Fuchs said. “Here’s a guy trying to stick up for these girls and he gets victimized”

— Philadelphia Police Captain George Fuchs


Police say the 39-year-old man who was visiting from Texas was walking along 18th and Walnut Streets around 2:45 a.m. when he observed several men inside a Black Nissan pull up next to a group of women.

“The male victim took offense to something that the guys were saying to the girls and said ‘hey, watch what you’re saying.’”

The men inside the Nissan began taunting and catcalling the women, according to investigators, prompting the victim to get involved.

“The male victim took offense…

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2 comments on “‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’ File: Texas Man Knocked Unconscious After Defending Group of Women From Catcallers
  1. IceBreaker says:

    I disagree, I’d tip my hat to the guy for standing up to these guys. Too bad he can’t fight. In any case, there’s not enough good men who are willing to stand up to evil men, if there were, then people like these guys wouldn’t feel as comfortable harassing random women on the streets.


    • RealDefense says:

      It was a noble-minded thing that he did but 3-4 on 1 can be a really bad matchup unarmed.

      There are other things that can be hypothetically done using a web-enabled camera phone that can have a much more punitive effect than simple “talking-to”.


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