What is Wrong with This Carry Rig?: Cross-Draw Edition

  • It’s a free gun for anyone who knows how a SERPA holster works and how to employ some vicious combatives
  • The SERPA lock requires fine motor skill to deactivate and the cross draw makes it even more awkward.
  • This carry rig is not allowed at a lot of gun ranges (both SERPA and cross-draw)
  • Poor situational awareness
    • The cocked elbow and slightly tilted down head indicates he is on his phone.
What's wrong with this carry rig?

What’s wrong with this carry rig?


Firearms Instructor in the DC Metro Area

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8 comments on “What is Wrong with This Carry Rig?: Cross-Draw Edition
  1. Wielsucker (@Wielsucker) says:

    Problem Identified: Those Geek Squad guys are awful, they’ll make it worse. Oh and crossdraw Serpa carry is very likely anatomically impossible.

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  2. ILP says:

    Here’s the problem with Barfcom,

    Deej86 – Fucking loser. When is your grown ass ever going to move out of your parents basement? Go play in traffic.

    SaigamanTx – Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes your faggot ass posts. Go join Deej86.

    Bama Shitter – Everybody knows you’re a contractor poser. How many “big time” PD’s did you work for? How much overseas time do you have? Zero, roger that.


  3. Dave_A says:

    I wish there was a facist dictatorship in the US. I hate freedom and the constitution


  4. Dope. says:

    Someone got sand in their pussy.


  5. Dave_A says:

    My life partner and I, AROCK, both love serpa holsters and crossdraw. We find that the best way to carry our HI Points to defend against ronpaul voters


  6. Dave_A says:

    When matthardcore came over for a threeway, he was carrying his glock in a crossdraw serpa. Unfortunately he is smooth down there like a ken doll so it didn’t happen……….


  7. Aimless says:

    Dupe. Hasnt this been posted already. COC!!


  8. Nor says:

    You all seem familiar.


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