What is Wrong with This Carry Rig?: Cross-Draw Edition

  • It’s a free gun for anyone who knows how a SERPA holster works and how to employ some vicious combatives
  • The SERPA lock requires fine motor skill to deactivate and the cross draw makes it even more awkward.
  • This carry rig is not allowed at a lot of gun ranges (both SERPA and cross-draw)
  • Poor situational awareness
    • The cocked elbow and slightly tilted down head indicates he is on his phone.
What's wrong with this carry rig?

What’s wrong with this carry rig?

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8 comments on “What is Wrong with This Carry Rig?: Cross-Draw Edition
  1. Wielsucker (@Wielsucker) says:

    Problem Identified: Those Geek Squad guys are awful, they’ll make it worse. Oh and crossdraw Serpa carry is very likely anatomically impossible.

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  2. ILP says:

    Here’s the problem with Barfcom,

    Deej86 – Fucking loser. When is your grown ass ever going to move out of your parents basement? Go play in traffic.

    SaigamanTx – Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes your faggot ass posts. Go join Deej86.

    Bama Shitter – Everybody knows you’re a contractor poser. How many “big time” PD’s did you work for? How much overseas time do you have? Zero, roger that.


  3. Dave_A says:

    I wish there was a facist dictatorship in the US. I hate freedom and the constitution


  4. Dope. says:

    Someone got sand in their pussy.


  5. Dave_A says:

    My life partner and I, AROCK, both love serpa holsters and crossdraw. We find that the best way to carry our HI Points to defend against ronpaul voters


  6. Dave_A says:

    When matthardcore came over for a threeway, he was carrying his glock in a crossdraw serpa. Unfortunately he is smooth down there like a ken doll so it didn’t happen……….


  7. Aimless says:

    Dupe. Hasnt this been posted already. COC!!


  8. Nor says:

    You all seem familiar.


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