The Special Application .22LR for Home Defense, Part 1: Weigh the Evidence and Make a Decision

Amazing article from Growing Up Guns

Growing Up Guns

I’m a fairly pragmatic person. I’m an engineer by schooling and like to base my decisions on statistics, facts, research, personal experience, and sometimes a sprinkling of intuition. I’m no different when it comes to the self defense game. I’m going to write an ongoing series of posts about my decision to outfit a Ruger 10/22 for my wife for home defense. I’ll try to make my case about choosing this rifle by noting some case studies on actual defensive gun uses, terminal ballistics, ease of training with the rifle, advantages of the .22LR for a muzzle-blast sensitive shooter, financial reasons to choose .22LR, methodology for training my wife and family in it’s use, and I will document the ongoing process of developing a training program around this rifle.

The Mission: Find and outfit a firearm for my wife which is reliable, chambered in an empirically effective caliber, will allow her to pass basic shooting…

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One comment on “The Special Application .22LR for Home Defense, Part 1: Weigh the Evidence and Make a Decision
  1. The author gave it some thought.
    But,there is this:”This one shows that an old woman can wield a .22 revolver and hold down the fort. It also shows the well known fact that rimfire ammo is prone to misfires.”

    In a revolver a dud primer can be cleared by pressing the trigger. In any semi automatic it requires a bit more. Personally would never trust a semi auto .22 for defence.
    Yes, the .22 can be deadly. Am aware of a case of a man shot once with a .22 Short from a Berreta pistol died quickly. The bullet hit a large blood vessel in the stomach. Bled out inside a minute.
    But a minute can be a long time…..
    Having a good sized magazine and lots of fast follow up hits would certainly make a difference.
    Good, reliable ammo of course.
    The noise factor is low with a .22. Do not disturb the neighbors !
    Perhaps a 9mm carbine for the Lady ?


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