Man practicing open carry law robbed of gun

1)William Coleman III made a very stupid mistake by carrying an unloaded gun openly.
2)Carrying a loaded gun openly is not the most tactically advantageous thing to do…
3)William Coleman III displayed no awareness whatsoever.
4)The gun is not a magic talisman that makes evil go away
5)William Coleman III treated the gun like a fashion accessory.
6)William Coleman III displaying no managing unknown contact skills.

I honestly hope William Coleman III grows up, learns something from his colossal mistake, and ends up the civilian equivalent of “Born Again Hard”. I really do.

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2 comments on “Man practicing open carry law robbed of gun
  1. Don’t forget that this happened “just after 2 a.m.” Now my Momma always told us that “nothing good happens on the street after midnight .” And that’s pretty good advice.

    The fact that Coleman was comfortable casually conversing with a total stranger on the street at 2 a.m. suggests that either he is dealing dope or is extraordinarily naive… Or both.

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