SouthNarc’s Guide to Drawing Your Handgun in a Confined Space

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ECQ Handgun and Confined Space Draw

This was done at the request of Fatdog in response to a scenario his group was working where there was a multiple assailant attack in a bathroom stall.

Fatdog I shot some pictures to give you an idea of some principles and concepts that underlie confined space drawstroke and ECQ. Let’s talk about some things before we begin this progression.

First I couldn’t shoot this in a bathroom stall because it wouldn’t show what was going on. I tried but it’s just too tight, with three people and the cameraman. So what I’ve tried to do is stay close in an open room and simulate this as best as I can.

Secondly we used Glock training pistols and Sims so you can see the hits. Because of the close proximity the bad guys are wearing concealable body armor for safety. DO NOT do this without supervision, preferably by someone who is a certified Simunitions instructor.

Third, I drew this out for quite a bit so you can see movement and give you some options on working the problem. It probably wouldn’t go this long in the real world, but there again you never know.

I think your decision to access the gun is the best solution, especially considering that it’s a multiples problem. Now with that being said, does your operating system support that? Does your presentation process allow you to shoot in a clinch and does it support integration with open hand techniques. Basically there are two ideas here. First you need to control the space immediately fore and aft of your handgun. On a strong side carry this is from about 1 to 5 on the clock. If you can control that space, and you have a hand free, you can draw the gun.

Secondly, as much as possible, even in a confined space, try and line them up. Now that’s really difficult and it’s a constant jockeying between your movement, their movement, you moving them, and them moving you. All the while you have to keep them off the gun, off you, shoot where it’s safe and feasible, and strike and grapple where it’s necessary. This is what “advanced” handgun skills are all about. The seamless integration of your combative software.

Finally, the way to keep the pistol from being pushed out of battery is to keep him off of it. That means using the off hand to control him while you shoot.

So let’s start with me in a F.U.T. with two baddies.


I’ve got to get out of this mauling, so I’ll start with a knee shot to the groin on Fat-ass (he works for me so I can call him that).


He feels that and I immediately strike Visor with a wheeling elbow strike.


After Visor’s bell is rung a bit, I’ll follow up my knee strike on Fat ass with a tiger claw/palm strike to the face.


Now at this point I’ve bought a second or two, but I’m still in a confined space (simulated), so now I’ll try and improve my position to get my gun in the fight. I don’t want to try and draw with Visor behind me (control the space fore and aft or from 1 to 5), so I’ll lift fat ass’ elbow and start to maneuver around him.


Another angle on the elbow lift.


Okay I’ve got them lined up and I control the space from 1 to 5. Now’s the time to draw since I’ve adhered to my theory of In-Fight weapon access and controlled the limb closest to the tool and I do.


I draw to the #2 position, thumb indexing at the pectoral, wrist locked and fire. For the progression, I’ve dropped my shoulder and elbow a bit, so the rounds are impacting on the protected areas of my narcs. In real life I’d have my shoulder and elbow, higher, which would drop the impact of the rounds.


A closer shot, note the impact.


I’ll shift to my left just a bit and take the open hole to Visor and shoot him also. I’ve also cleared visor’s left arm from my shot line and pinned it to the wall with my left hand.


Again a closer shot, note the impact.


Because Fat Ass is a fat ass he’s still fighting and grabs my head. I shift my attention back to him and fire again, twice.


A closer shot, note the impacts.


I’ll wheel back to my left and jam Visor into the wall and shoot him twice in the back, keeping him pinned. My shot line is clear of all my appendages.


Fat Ass is still in the game and grabs my gun.


I’ll turn the back of his hand over and smash my elbow into his metacarpals to make him let go.


I’ll clear his arm out of the way, keeping it controlled and shoot him two more times.


Visor has turned off the wall so I’ll chin jab his head up into the concrete and give him another round. I’ve got some space opened between the two at this point so I’ll take it


And shoot both of them into the deck…


Until I hit slide lock.


Fatdog those are some ideas and obviously it will never go the same way twice. Keep gaming it out and working on the integration of empty hand with drawstroke, understanding what you have to make happen to get the gun in fight.



Originally posted by Southnarc of ShivWorks and Total Protection Interactive.

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  1. Black Rob says:

    There is no other way to put this…If you haven’t attended SouthNarc’s ECQC class, YOU ARE WRONG!


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