Six Things You Should Know Before Getting a Gun

Kermit says:

Kermit says: “You Learned Nothing at that 2 Hour Class at the Gun Show. But that’s none of my business…”

So you took a basic gun safety class or one of those hokey $19.95 online “Get Your Permit in 30 minutes or less!” courses, now what else do you need to know besides the NRA 3 Rules of Gun Safety or Jeff Cooper’s 4 Rules of Gun Safety?

  1. Know How to Spot Trouble Before it Happens
  2. Know Your Local Self-Defense Laws
  3. Know How to Draw Your Gun Efficiently From Concealment While under Stress
  4. Know How to Deploy a Less Lethal Weapon Efficiently
  5. Know some Unarmed Combatives
  6. Know some Basic Tactical Medicine
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5 comments on “Six Things You Should Know Before Getting a Gun
  1. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    As with the basic teaching of Krav Maga, avoidance of trouble is better than getting in a fight, even if you win. AVOID THE STUPIDS.


  2. Love Kermit! I reside in the mountains and derive tremendous joy target practicing with some notorious rascals. A fellow blogger on, I am unable to like for whatever reason so decided to comment instead. I’d like your opinion on the best CC weapon as I have an athletic, dancer frame (translation: petite), but want power. Have considered strap on similar to FBI agent in Boondock Saints. Seriously. Thoughts?


    • RealDefense says:

      Try out a few single stack 9mm pistols out there if you are looking for something slim. Thanks to modern hollwpoint designs, the caliber is not as important as it used to be when FMJ was all that was available. I personally recommend an appendix inside the waistband carry holster just for speed of access and ease of concealment. I personally don’t like small of the back or behind the hip holsters. I would also strongly suggest getting a quality kydex holster.


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