Thoughts on the Taurus Curve

Taurus Ad Copy

Taurus Ad Copy (Under Fair Use)

  • Product Quality
    • Taurus has improved their product quality a lot since the 1980s/1990s
    • One could also argue that they still have a way to go until they are past the YMMV (“Your mileage my vary”) stage
  • Contouring
    • We are going to see this in future firearms designs from other manufacturers.
  • Integrated lights
    • Weapon-mounted lights have their time and place to use but they do pose additional training issues to be aware of.
    • I would not be surprised to see more firearms manufacturers go for the “slim” approach to weapon mounted lights or even integrate a flashlight into the gun itself.
  • Integrated Laser Sights
    • I like the concept as long as it involves a high quality laser and an activation mechanism on the grip (a la CrimsonTrace rather than a switch or button that require fine motor skills to activate.
  • Trigger
    • I am not surprised that initial first impressions said the trigger pull was somewhat heavy
    • Speculation: This may be to “lawyer proof” a gun with a design that invites holster-less carry (which I’m not crazy about) with the integrated clip draw inspired device on it.
  •  Sights
    • I don’t like the fact that the gun does not have iron sights. Not even the halfway nubs on the Ruger LCP…
Yes, it really is shaped like that.

Yes, it really is shaped like that. (From GunsAmerica, Fair Use)

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One comment on “Thoughts on the Taurus Curve
  1. gunservant85 says:

    I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have sights. Laser sights are a nifty gimmick, but I have never cared for them much: I find it more intuitive to go straight to my iron sights.


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