“Flipping the GO Switch!”

Awesome post.

Growing Up Guns

When I get mad, I just black out and start wrecking people. I don’t have control, I just start breaking things until the problem is solved.

-Paraphrasing some Douche on a forum in 2008

First, let me remind you that I’m a baby in this world of self defense. I’m also a resource constrained regular Joe who has limited time to develop myself as my families protector. I’ve only been taking formal shooting classes for 8 years or so. That said, in 2008, I had a few formal shooting classes under my belt. I started realizing that shooting was only a very small part of the puzzle, thanks to Shivwork‘s Total Protection Interactive forum. As I was piecing together the framework for how I currently approach the personal protection and family security game, I realized that I had a problem. Which turned out to be more than one problem, which I’ll get…

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