Paul-E-Palooza 3 Recap: Chris Fry’s Small Knife Primer Class

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Live Evolution (Drill) to Close Out the Class, Photo Courtesy of

One of the many awesome things about Paul-E-Palooza 3 was that Chris Fry ran this class on both days so that just about everybody attending the event had a chance to go. Chris is a beast and knows his stuff. I would not hesitate to recommend his classes.

Quotes of the Class 

“This isn’t like a Buffy knife where you stick ’em once and they go ‘POOF’!”

-Chris Fry

“For those of you huffing and puffing after the live drill, I’m not saying that working on fitness is important, but I’m just saying!”

-Larry Lindenman

Course Outline

  • Background
  • Why knives?
  • What does a “knife fight” look like?
    • “Monkey with a screwdriver.”
  • Folding Knife Opening Mechanisms
    • Emerson Waves are somewhat overrated…
  • “Tip Up” vs. “Tip Down”
  • Folder Access
    • S.T.A.B.
      • Slap
      • Tuck
      • Access
      • Brace
  • Small Fixed blades
    • PROTIP: Small Fixed Blade knives are a lot easier to deploy under sub-optimal circumstances than folding knives.
  • PROTIP: Don’t put your thumb on top of the blade. (sometimes called “Filipino Grip”)
  • Boxing punch step improves the quality of your knife strikes.
  • Getting to a Dominant Position
    • Your hips squared while your opponent’s hips are facing away.
    • Do not blade your stance!
  • Live Evos
    • Put on the FIST protective helmet and get ready to fight for real!

Moral of the short story: Fire up your Waze and drive out to take an MDTS class!

Check out Chris Fry’s material here!


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