HERP DERP! Handgun Sling! HERP DERP!


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3 comments on “HERP DERP! Handgun Sling! HERP DERP!
  1. Bulletmen says:

    Why use a cheap, crappy nylon holster when you can use this cheap , crappy string !
    Jerry, you should have thought this through !
    Actually this is an update of the old shoe lace holster. It is not an improvement !
    Cannot see any good to this set up, only bad.

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  2. Brian says:

    Handgun sling? Did you not ever hear of firearms safety? This thing is unsafe. The video shows the firearm being pointed at the users hand in order to use the sling. You really think this is acceptable? A holster should not just hold a firearm in place, but secure it from discharge. The sling does nothing to prevent the weapon from discharging. If someone comes up on your six and gets their hand on your firearm and you struggle with them, there is nothing preventing them from pulling the trigger and shooting you in the butt.


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