How do you eat an elephant?

Momentum On The Mat

white beltThis is such a true statement.  That one little stripe makes you so very proud.  It was hard earned with sweat and perseverance.  In the grand scheme of jiu jitsu, this one small milestone is just that…small.  But do not be so mistaken as to call it insignificant.  No “small step” in your jiu jitsu journey should be considered trivial because each is an important piece on your way to black belt.  The first time you escape the mount…your first arm bar… the first time you finish a 5 minute live roll and don’t feel like passing out.  Each of these is a small step, but none is unimportant.  It will be the first of countless mount escapes, successful and unsuccessful arms bars, and live rolls.  I have mentioned before how easy it can be to get bogged down in the big picture of “success” in jiu jitsu.  Do yourself a favor and take…

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