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Point Driven Training

US_Navy_060114-N-9866B-002_Marines_assigned_to_the_11th_Marine_Expeditionary_Unit_(MEU)_fire_9mm_handguns_on_the_flight_deck_of_the_amphibious_assault_ship_USS_Peleliu_(LHA_5).jpgPhoto Credit:  “US Navy 060114-N-9866B-002

Managing the Don’t Shoot Yet

You Can’t Shoot Everyone

The word most often verbalized in shooting classes is “GUN!”  This is usually followed by a quick draw and center mass shot, hopefully!  We train to draw quickly and shoot.  We train to improve our split times.

In real world situations, do we ALWAYS shoot when we draw or shoulder our firearm?  Clearly the answer is no.  There are many situations where we may not yet have the legal or moral authority to shoot a subject but we do have the authority to have a firearm in our hand(s) and even point a firearm at a potentially threatening person.  In this series of articles we will examine the exact words to use and actions to take, when we encounter a person we need to control at gunpoint.

Most people can imagine a situation where they…

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