Building a Tactically Oriented Facebook Feed

Like on Facebook

Like on Facebook

Many firearms instructors have expressed frustration with students who don’t follow through with the continued learning aspect of personal protection.

Sure instructors and more “squared away” concealed carriers could just excoriate the beginner concealed carry class students as “ticket punchers” who are too lazy to read through the PSPs on

We could rag on them for being too lazy to read the classics of personal protection literature such as Tom Givens’ Fighting Smarter or Massad Ayoob’s work.

We could rag on them for not taking more classes but that wouldn’t really solve anything.

I would advise every serious firearms instructor out there to put the continued learning material where the students will always be:

On the Facebook app of their smartphones!

During your basic concealed carry class, have your students “Like” the following pages on Facebook so that they may continue their education.

This list is by no means exhaustive but is focused on pages that provide practical and immediately applicable content as opposed to just being “carbine and gear pr0n”.

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