AAR: FPF Training (John Murphy) “Concealed Carry: Vehicle Environment Skills”, Culpeper, VA, October 15, 2016

Seriously. Go take a John Murphy class.



One good thing about working on the blog with John for the last year has been the opportunity to meet some cool people.  Because of my involvement with the blog and my presence on a local firearms forum, John Murphy of FPF Training reached out to me in late 2015 and invited me to take his Street Encounter Skills class.  Scheduling conflicts abounded, but I eventually made it to his facility in Culpeper, Virginia, back in April of this year (AAR here).  I was impressed enough that I signed up for his Vehicle Environment Skills class in May.  Unfortunately, the passing of the late, great, Pat Rogers occurred, and Murphy was heavily involved in the funeral arrangements, causing him to cancel the class.  He told me he would refund my money, but I told him to keep it and simply enroll me in the…

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