AAR: Active Response Training (Greg Ellifritz) “Extreme Close-Range Gunfighting”, Culpeper, VA 10/29/16–PART I

This was an awesome class.


Readers cannot necessarily make assumptions about how much I like or value an instructor or his work if I have only taken one course with that instructor.  It might be that I never plan to take another, or it could be that I just have not YET taken another class with that instructor.  However, with one exception (which we shall chalk up to “not knowing any better”), if I took more than one course with an instructor, one can assume that I like and value what that instructor offers.

Accordingly, the fact that I chose, for the second time this year, to spend a day working under the watchful eye of Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training, should be a clue that I regard him as among the best instructors I have taken courses with.  Indeed, schedule permitting, I plan to take two more of Greg’s classes in the…

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