AAR: Street Encounter Skills with FPF Training

Reflex Handgun

I have met John Murphy, the lead instructor of FPF Training, a couple of times before.  John is a firearms and self-defense trainer who also hosts many of the top names in the industry at his range in Culpepper, Virginia.  Therefore, I have met him before when training with instructors he has hosted.  I have heard really good things about John as a trainer from some reputable people, so I took a look at his own course offerings.  I attended his course called Street Encounter Skills this past weekend.

Murphy has a reputation for focusing heavily on the mindset elements of self-defense and he promotes “training in context.”  He is very accomplished in his knowledge of criminal behavior and how that should factor into realistic training.  If you follow my writing on this blog as well as the firearms sites that I also write for you will find that I…

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