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Six Things You Should Know Before Getting a Gun

So you took a basic gun safety class or one of those hokey $19.95 online “Get Your Permit in 30 minutes or less!” courses, now what else do you need to know besides the NRA 3 Rules of Gun Safety

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PROTIP: The gun is not a magic totem against evil.

Kermit says: "You Learned Nothing at that 2 Hour Class at the Gun Show. But that's none of my business..."

This is why hand to hand skills, a good holster, awareness, and a backup weapon matter.   From Lose Your Illusions …Rather than re-invent the wheel, I’m just going to republish what John Johnston at Ballistic Radio wrote, with his

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Visiting couple attacked on 16th Street Mall speaks out

The simple truth is that 30 seconds of scolding a jerk(s) are not going to fix the years of bad parenting and bad choices that made said jerk. From These days if you are about to interact with a stranger

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SouthNarc’s Managing Unknown Contacts

Classic reading. This document is a situational awareness primer that applies to open carriers, concealed carriers, or those not carrying guns. Seriously go take a Shivworks class or sign up for Paul E Palooza 3.  Click here to Download SouthNarcManagingUnknownContactsUPDATED Click

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Article: “I Was Attacked on the Train. No One Helped Me.”

From I was in a window seat on the Blue Line, en route to meet friends for dinner. One teenage girl sat down next to a man in front of me; another sat beside me. They began by asking what

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