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Selecting Ammunition for your .308 Rifles

Be it a bolt-action (like a Remington 700 series) or a battle rifle (PTR-91, M14, HK-91, or FN-FAL), selecting quality ammunition is critical to getting the most out of your gun. Federal Fusion is an excellent choice for both barrier

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Handgun Ammunition Selection

Practice Ammunition When you are selecting FMJ ammunition for your range time, make sure that the bullet weight matches that of your defensive ammunition. 9mm Example: Use 115 grain FMJ for practice and 115 grain Hornady Critical Defense for carry

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Selecting Your First Handgun: Caliber Wars!

“They all fall to hard ball!” “.45 puts em down everytime,” “9mm is a .45 set on STUN.” “If you can’t hit your target in 5 shots or less, then you shouldn’t have a gun.” Go into a gun store

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