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For Business Owners…

If you are a business owner, NEVER accept an override code offered by a customer.  From A 24-Year-Old Allegedly Used A Simple But Brilliant Scam To Cheat Apple Out Of $300,000 DAVE SMITH Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Sharron Laverne Parrish

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Stolen Valor: REDUX

There are scumbags out there who will try to hustle decent folks out of their money by appealing to their sense of patriotism, by saying “Trust me. I was Special Forces.” Usually the hustle will come in the form of a business

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Article: Phony Navy SEAL faces felony gun charges related to military-training program

Interesting story here. What the Feds are charging AJ Dicken under is the “prohibited possessor” part of the Gun Control Act of 1968. I wonder if they could make the charges stick for every gun AJ Dicken was recorded handling and

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Redbox Scammers Steal Games By Using Bar Codes To Trick Kiosks

The easiest way to solve this scam would be: Determine the credit cards associated with the previous renters Look for cards that are pre-paid VISA cards. Smarter scammers would not use a card associated with their name. Pull the info

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Preventing and Recovering from Identity Theft

Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, put ‘PHOTO ID REQUIRED.’ When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card accounts, DO NOT put the complete account number on the ‘For’ line. Instead, just put

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