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Amazon Prime Day is Tomorrow!

So in the spirit of shameless plugs and me being able to purchase a variety of equipment, use this link to sign up for a free Amazon Prime Trial!

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Get Your Carry Permit in 2 Hours or Less…

Kermit says: "You Learned Nothing at that 2 Hour Class at the Gun Show. But that's none of my business..."

Somewhere else!

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If you don’t know what something is….

You probably shouldn’t eat it!

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If you think that 9/11 was some grand inside job conspiracy…

This is what 9/11 truthers sound like.

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20 Tells that Might Give Away CCW Folks and Cops

Some are tongue-in-cheek, some are real tells. 5.11 Tactical Cargo Pants More of a cop tell Buzz Cut Hair More of a cop tell Jacket with a zipper sleeve running down one arm This is a cop tell. Thicker than normal

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