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The Evolution of TASERs

A lot of folks forget how ineffective the early TASERs were. Modern TASERs, while not “magic”, are significantly more effective nowadays.  One could argue that thte Rodney King incident would have turned out differently had current-generation TASERs been available back

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Quick thoughts on the Seattle Pacific University Shooting Attack

Kudos to the student guard at Seattle Pacific University who stopped the attacker with pepper spray and combatives while he was reloading. Most universities have overly broad weapons policies that do not clarify whether or not students are allowed to

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Irresponsible Advice

I found this at It is my opinion that advice shown below is irresponsible because it is dictated by a political agenda rather than reality. Kelly McCann’s book has an excellent guide to screening firearms and other self-defense instructors.    

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Basics of Pepper Spray

Oleoresin Capsicum, commonly called “Pepper Spray”, is the most commonly used defensive spray in the United States. What does Pepper Spray do? Generally what happens when someone gets sprayed is: Burning sensation to skin Eyelids slam shut Choking sensation These

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Washington DC’s Mace and Pepper Spray Registration Form

Emily Miller has an excellent series on this very topic. It appears that as an out-of-stater to DC, pepper gas is generally legal for you to carry as an adult as long as you bought it outside of DC and

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