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Originally posted on Point Driven Training:
Image credit: ?RIA Novosti, Mikhail Mordasov STABILIZE ? In Part 1 we discussed the initial step to deal with a verbally compliant subject, when you have a firearm pointed at them. We use a…

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Raw Video: Body cam captures police officer’s last moments

Here is the back story behind this incident from It was the intense pain and four nights without sleep, not the police officer or any psychosis, that drove him to pull the trigger. That’s what friends believe caused Robert W. Smith  to

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The murder of Deputy Kyle Wayne Dinkheller

The murder of Kyle Dinkheller is probably one of the worst videos that I have ever seen. It isn’t so much what you see on the video as it is what you hear. The killer, Andrew Brannon, was executed by lethal

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Hard Targets: Counter-ambush Strategies and Tactics for the LEO

Great article from Northwest CQC!

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Situational Awareness and Positioning (part II) The Tueller Principle

Originally posted on tacticalprofessor:
place yourself in the best tactical position. Positioning In 1983, Dennis Tueller wrote a groundbreaking article entitled How Close is Too Close?  As a result, the terms the “Tueller Drill” and the “21 Foot Rule” have…

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