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PROTIP: Don’t buy junk like this. Seriously.

The Pinnacle of Uselessness.

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PROTIP: Knives are deadly force.

A knife is deadly force. Never think otherwise. For more info read up on the Tueller Drill.

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PROTIP: Let it go

“A Fight Avoided Is a Fight Won” When you are carrying a gun, go out of your way to avoid a fight. Things that are minor annoyances in the long run must become even smaller annoyances. Retired cop guns down

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PROTIP: Keep your CQB rifle lightweight!

Before you go out and buy the latest wiz bang gizmo for your AR-15, ask yourself “What is the mission?” Related articles Selection of a Battle Rifle and Initial Configuration of a Battle Rifle ( PROTIP: Do all handgun shooting

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PROTIP: Do all handgun shooting and dry fire from concealment!

This one little thing can improve your defensive gun skills by an order of magnitude beyond what you learned from your $29.95 online carry permit course. That one little thing is doing all of your live fire handgun shooting straight

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