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Six Ways to Maximize the Yugo M92 PAP AK47 Pistol

Here are six ways you can turn the Century Arms M92 PAP pistol into something more than a range toy. Clean it! When I bought mine, it was coated in cosmoline (that earwaxy looking paste that covers a lot of ComBloc surplus

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How to Run While Carrying a Rifle or Shotgun

Retired Navy SEAL Kyle Defoor details how to run while carrying a long gun.

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Budget Blasters: 5 cheap ways to scratch the ‘assault weapon’ itch

#2 (the Kel-Tec SUB-2000) is a fun pistol-caliber carbine that I wouldn’t press into heavier duty. Same goes for #4 (the Kel-Tec SU-16) Budget Blasters: 5 cheap ways to scratch the ‘assault weapon’ itch.

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A Nightmare in Pittsburgh

Observations Dangers of Domestic Disputes Domestic Disputes are incredibly dangerous situations for police officers since emotional states are elevated and the officer may or may not have the relationship back story of the parties involved Even with a back story, there is

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One-Handed Transitions from Long Gun to Handgun

Interesting video on how to transition from a rifle to a pistol using only one hand.

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