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Great Article from Delta Force Veteran Paul Howe from SHOTGUN BREACHING: ASSET OR LIABILITY? Shotgun breaching is creeping ever so steadily into the tactical officers breaching toolbox. Nightly newscasts from Iraq show soldiers employing this technique overseas to gain access

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How to Run While Carrying a Rifle or Shotgun

Retired Navy SEAL Kyle Defoor details how to run while carrying a long gun.

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Lubricating Your Benelli Shotgun

For those of you who own the “Ferrari” of shotguns…

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Video: “Is the shotgun a submachine gun?”

NOTE:The video above is not mine. I am inclined to disagree with a good chunk of the content since it is somewhat of an apples to oranges comparison the video narrator is making. For the uninitiated, a submachine gun (“subgun”

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Points on the Fighting Shotgun

Gabe Suarez provides some excellent points on setting up a shotgun for home defense. From: The Fighting Shotgun I was asked by a number of readers to update them about the shotgun. They were asking about lights and magazine extensions

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