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Police Shooting Caught on Video

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More on the Alexian Lien Roadside Beating

From: Countering Road-Rage 101. The above video shows a despicable and cowardly incident that happened Sunday in New York City when a father, Alexian Lien, out on a Sunday Drive on his First Wedding Anniversary with his wife and 2-year-old

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The Roadside Beating of Alexian Lien

What happened? Recently in the news, Alexian Lien was driving with his wife and 2 year old daughter on the Henry Hudson Parkway at the same time a group of motorcyclists riding under the event Hollywood Stuntz. There had already

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Second Video Compilation of Defensive Gun Uses

The moral of this story is bad guys want easy prey. Notice how most of the assailants immediately retreated when they came under fire? Related articles Video Compilation: Armed Citizens [Successfully] Fighting Back ( Gun Control Advocates Are Racist (

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Awesome Compilation of Defensive Gun Uses

So much for “you’ll just be too scared and the bad guy will take the gun away from you!” Related articles Gun Control Advocates Are Racist ( There Will Be Another Mass Shooting. This Is What the Data Tells Us

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